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Social-Emotional Journey

13 mei 2014

In my graduation I researched why new theme park attractions have a limited effect on the visitor numbers of a park. I designed a social-emotional journey to solve this problem.

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Les Volcans Sacrés

21 maart 2013

During my internship at Jora Vision I worked on the design and production of the first dark ride attraction (Les Volcans Sacrés) for the french edutainment park Vulcania.

Apenheul Impressions

Apenheul GorillaTrail

31 augustus 2012

During my internship at Apenheul Primate Park I designed a new GorillaTrail. The new experience needed to create the feeling of being in-between gorillas.

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The Battle of Overloon

31 juli 2012

The largest war museum in the Netherlands, Oorlogsmuseum Overloon, created an experience exhibition around the tank battle of Overloon.

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A Picture in the Future

28 februari 2012

A storytelling experience was designed for children who undergo an MRI scan with the vision “I want to be cured, but I do not want to be confronted with being ill.”

Saab di-Expo Impression met logo2

SAAB experience store

30 november 2011

The SAAB experience store is an inventive retail environment for the automotive industry. It is a store right inside people’s lives due to its placement in public spaces.

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Beo7 Remote Control

31 juli 2011

Bang & Olufsen is famous about their high-end and user-friendly designs. However their current Beo7 remote control seemed to have some usability issues.

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NCR PinPilot

31 juli 2011

People skimming your bankcard is a million dollar problem. NCR, one of the largest ATM manufacturers in the world, was looking for a way to solve this problem through design.

Drouwenerzand BliBlaBos met logo3


31 januari 2011

During my internship at Designstudio vGinneken I redesigned the entrance and telephone museum of Drouwenerzand Attraction Park.

Kuierpad picture for website

‘t Kuierpadtien

31 januari 2011

During my internship at Designstudio vGinneken I gained experience in hospitality design for vacation resort ‘t Kuierpadtien. A new vision was created in the form of a story.

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30 november 2010

DILO is an adjustable playground that contains LED strips. The LED strips can be used to create different lines for different types of games.

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28 februari 2010

Fiorito (which means flower in Italian) is a custom-made exhibition stand for the literature festival Letture d’Estate in Rome around the famous Castel Sant ‘Angelo.

BOB picture for website

BOB easy moving

28 februari 2010

A full company identity was created for a fictional stroller rental company BOB (Baby On Board). I designed product signage, advertisements, brochures etc.

KLM impression2

KLM Ice Crusher

31 juli 2009

How do flight attendants crush ice in business class? This was the question from which a new ice crusher was designed for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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AH ShopAssistant

31 maart 2009

Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket firm in the Netherlands, had a wish to enhance the customer experience by developing a personal shop assistant for their XL stores.