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The Battle of Overloon

31 juli 2012

The largest war museum in the Netherlands, Oorlogsmuseum Overloon, houses unique artefacts from to the only tank battle happened in the Netherlands; The Battle of Overloon. Around this battle the museum was founded. However, during the last decades the battle was driven to the background in the museum. The museum had the wish to make this battle central again in an experienced based multi-sensory exhibition, wherein visitors could experience the battle through the eyes of Overloon’s civilians. I designed this exhibition together with three international students. After we created our final concept, the design was adjusted and produced by Studio Koolmees. On April 19th 2014 the exhibition inspired on the design opened and was received with great enthusiasm by the public.

The experience contains two areas: an open conventional exhibition space (outside) and a controlled experience (inside) with seven different scenes. The visitors needed to be able to interact with the artefacts freely. This resulted in the exclusion of the artefacts in the actual experience. The rooftop of the building is used as a reflection area after the experience.

Final Concept



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