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A Picture in the Future

28 februari 2012

A new approach was created for children who undergo an MRI scan. This unpleasant MRI experience was redesigned for children with the vision “I want to be cured, but I do not want to be confronted with being ill.”  This vision leaded to a storytelling experience in which children make a fictional time travel instead of an MRI scan. The children are guided through the experience by a professor character. The design was made in cooperation with the Basel University Hospital smart applications development research group.

Before going through the MRI, children receive a special invitation that invites them to travel through time. They must be sent to the future to find out if they will stay healthy or not. After the child has chosen his future destination, he will engage in a multi-sensory experience in the MRI scan. After the scan children will receive a special postcard that captures the memory of their travel to the future.

Final Concept


Story & Invitation

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