Apenheul Impressions

Apenheul GorillaTrail

31 augustus 2012

Apenheul Primate Park is a well-known Dutch zoo that primarily houses apes and primates. During my internship I redesigned the current Gorilla experience that leads the visitor around the gorilla island. Apenheul wanted to enhance the experience of being in-between gorillas and desired more play value for children. Apenheul was very satisfied and acknowledged that the new design achieved all its objectives.

Three storytelling concepts were created, all in combination with a different theme.  The new GorillaTrail splits the parents from the children in two parallel paths. The children go through an adventurous trail with different play elements, where they get the feeling that they are in-between gorillas. The parents take a normal parallel path, which makes them able to watch over their children. At the end of the GorillaTrail the parents and children meet again in the Observatory. The Observatory goes deeper into the research done on gorillas and the mission of the Apenheul Foundation. This house contains different play elements and interactions with the gorilla. A GroillaTrail(er) was created to visualize the final concept.

Final Concept



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